Saturday, September 14, 2013

Party time!

My co-worker Crystal invited me to her 40th birthday tonight in P-town, so the boy and I headed up the hill at 5:00 pm for an evening full of music, Mexican food, and malt beverages!

Soooo much fun! There was a live band that was playing hits from the 90s which was a total college flashback. A whole handful of other co-workers were there so we had great company at our table and on the dance floor. Dinner was catered by Aca Taco out of Chico and the cake was from the new local bakery, Blue Sugar. And there was plenty of Smirnoff malt beverage to quench my thirst - what more could you ask for? Crystal lives in the "rich" section of town so it was nice seeing how the other half parties!

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