Monday, September 2, 2013

Work changes

Can you believe it's September already? A few mere weeks until Fall is officially upon us. Until then, we're just keeping ourselves busy with our boring day to day shenanigans. Last weekend, on my home from church, I stopped at a drive-thru pizza place down the street by K-Mart that advertised gluten free pizza crust and ordered us each a personal pizza to try;

I got the "artichoke dip" pizza and the boy had the tri-tip pizza, both of which were delicious. Drive-thru pizza in less than 5 minutes? What more could you want?

How did we welcome in September yesterday?
With afternoon rain showers. More like heavy sprinkles, but still pretty surprising. This upcoming week is supposed to be high 80s which seems a little more normal for this time of year, but I'll gladly take an occasional rain shower anytime.

Sooooo....on the work front, the gal who we just hired last year to work the building dept counter put in here notice last Monday with this upcoming Thursday being her last day which means that I'll be back on the counter again until we hire somebody who'll I'll also have to train....again. Ugh. She got an "extra help" (hourly, no benefits) job with the county's building dept where she can work 16 less hours a week and still make more than she makes with the town. With our medical insurance rates going up $270 more a month starting in December, on top of the 5% pay cut we took back on July 1st, she really didn't have much of a choice. Her starting hourly rate with the county is $2 higher than the top rate she ever would have been paid by the town (in another 4 years) so it really was a no brainer. So, in anticipation of her last day, I stopped by Raley's today and ordered a custom cake for her last day, bought a card for the whole office to sign, and found a DIY banner kit at Walmart that I used to spell out my own special message;

For my gift to her, I'm putting together a care basket full of her favorite things and things around the office that she'll miss. I've solicited the help of a few other people so I don't get stuck doing usual.

No big plans this week, other than getting ready for Wilson to come home next weekend. Including getting her birthday gifts wrapped up all beautiful like.
We've got tickets for the three of us to go to Taste of Chico next Sunday in downtown. Between our three tickets we've got enough food and booze tickets for a small army. Perfect!

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