Friday, May 6, 2011

Lots of new things

Yesterday was like an early birthday for me because not only did my newly ordered Dansko shoes arrive in the mail,
but my mom also stopped by my work and gifted me with a new electronic picture frame. It was her 5-year anniversary gift from the hospital, but she already had one so I not so subtly suggested who she could give it to instead. Hint, hint.
I have commanded the Canadian to help me load some pictures on it so that I may be endlessly entertained by them at work.

This evening we went over to Barnes & Noble where I used my 20% off coupon to get a new cookbook I've been eyeballing. It's a cookbook for people like me who are limited to a soft food and liquid diet.
The smoothie/shakes, breakfast and dessert chapters are my favorites. There's lots of good ideas to try! Especially the Kahlua Chocolate Cake that is made like a jello poke cake where you poke holes in the freshly baked cake and pour a creamy Kahlua mixture over it to soak in. Yes, please!


Anni said...

Does Mom understand how this whole "Mother's Day" thing works?

Susana & Chris said...

Hey - if she figures out what's going on I'll know who told her! So you'd better just check yourself before you wreck yourself, missy!