Sunday, May 8, 2011

The results are in

Last night was our award ceremony for last weekend's home brew competition. We had it in the backyard of one of our member's houses here in Chico. It was a potluck so around 4:30 pm we packed up our pasta salad and headed over. The backyard was set up with dining tables and all the leftover beer from the competition.
The whole event was pretty unorganized, but eventually things got moving. For dinner we had a potluck buffet with the club providing tri-tip as the main course. Our neighbor, Cathy, made brownies with Strong Scotch Ale which were so delicious three of them accidentally fell into my mouth.
In a funny twist of irony, even though it had been in the 80s all week long, as soon as we sat down to eat it started raining and we had to erect some last minute tents over some of the tables. It had started clouding up earlier in the day, but the rain forecast said it wouldn't rain until Sunday.

After dinner we did some raffles, none of which we entered, before starting the competition awards. The most coveted award was for Best of Show which comes with a professional, and very classy award that stays with the winner until the next year's competition and includes a name plaque on the base.
I know, who wouldn't want to take that home? Anyway, everyone gathered in a semi-circle as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners were called for each category. Over 50% of the entries were from out of the area so there were a few categories where no club members placed, but some of the members still did very well for themselves.
Unfortunately for the Canadian, he entered some of the most popular categories and did not come home with any bling around his neck, but we still had a good time cheering and applauding for our friends who did win. Like our neighbor Doug, the Best of Show winner last year, who placed in three different categories out of the six he entered. Since no one from our club won the Best of Show this year, Doug got to keep the statue for another year. Lucky him!?

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