Sunday, May 1, 2011

Davis Family Wedding

Yesterday was the much anticipated wedding of family friends, Butch Bobby and Kayla. Their wedding and reception was out at Kelly Ridge in Oroville overlooking the top of Oroville Dam. It was really windy, but at least it was sunny. The wedding started at 5:00 pm and we got there in plenty of time to score good seats with the family up front.
After the wedding we wandered inside for appetizers while the wedding party took photos. Most of the tables were already full, but thankfully we found some seats open next to Aunt Nasty that were reserved for family that we got to sit at. The tables were decorated in hot pink, black and zebra print. Unusual, but it worked for Kayla.
It was weird being on the guest side of a Zella catered party as opposed to working it. Same carvings and same appetizers though so I didn't have to ask any silly questions about what I was eating. While we snacked I caught up with family members I hadn't seen in years - Shannon Renee, Zella, and old catering co-workers while the Canadian was busy getting his hand stuck in the wedding favor candy pouches.
When the wedding party was done with photos they came in and dinner was served, during which the bride and groom worked the room.
Awww...Boss Boss and Butch Bobby. After dinner we got started with the dances. First up was Butch and Kayla;
Next was Kayla and her parents, followed by Butch and Zella to Rod Stewart;
And the grand finale was Boss Bob and Butch sharing a father-son dance to Butterfly Kisses with touching lyrics about "daddy's little girl";
And of course you can't forget about the cake. This one was made by "a friend" which is sometimes a code word for disaster, but it actually turned out alright. Other than I ended up with plain jane vanilla instead of chocolate.
They were very polite to each other and nobody ended up with cake up their nose. We finally called it quits at 10:00 pm because we had to get up early today for the home brew competition, but we had a fabulous time at the wedding and it was great to see everyone.

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