Friday, September 30, 2011

World famous

Just got the newest issue of Sunset in the mail the other day and look who made the magazine for a weekend getaway destination;
That's right - Chico! But really, please don't come and visit because it's already crowded enough now that those pesky college kids are back. According to the article we should be biking down the Esplanade side streets, visiting the downtown bicycle shops, going to Bidwell Park, shopping at Made in Chico (which we do), and eating lunch at Tin Roof Bakery (only buy their stuff at the farmers market or S&S). Not one mention of Sierra Nevada Brewery or spending a delightful afternoon wandering around Chapmantown which makes me seriously doubt the author has even been here. Too bad they didn't mention the National Yo-Yo championships that Bird in Hand does at City Plaza which is this weekend. Way to go Sunset, make it sound like some kind of dirty, bike riding hippie destination.

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kath said...

Sorry we couldn't see the article on Chico...we get the Northwest edition here in Southern Oregon which had a trip to Teton, washington instead! Bummer! At least we managed to do a lot of that stuff while we were there in Chico.