Saturday, May 26, 2012


I was hanging out in the front courtyard the other day and noticed that our mandarin orange bush was crazy loaded with baby mandarins.
I counted over 40 little mandarins, but if they all grow up the poor bush will fall over. We didn't plant any major  crops this year, just a planter of basil, mint, and chocolate mint.
We might have to double the mint thought at the rate we're blowing through it for mojitos!

For dinner tonight I made another recipe from of one my newest, favorite gluten free blogs. It's General Tso's Chicken. I love how much the author uses gluten free bisquick which is so much easier to get my hands on than the specialty gluten free flour I have to order online. It's basically breaded, baked chunks of chicken coated in a sweet and spicy sauce with broccoli served over rice.
So good that the boy rubbed his Buddha belly and asked for the leftovers.

We put if off as long as possible, but we finally braved a trip to Walmart so that I could look from some softball cleats. Once there I found men's, boy's, and girl's cleats but no women's cleats. Not even an empty spot for them. Luckily the boy's cleats went up to size 6 which equates to a women's size 8 so now I'm the proud owner of a pair of $15 boy's cleats.
We biked over to a neighboring park this morning to play catch to get me up to speed before my first game which is coming up the first week of June. Hopefully between my practices and fancy shoes I won't make a complete fool of myself!

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