Sunday, May 27, 2012

The start of something wonderful

We did a little mead (fermented honey) taste testing tonight to see how our three meads were progressing. One is an blood orange tea mead (kinda blah), a pyment (grape mead - still pretty harsh), and our lemonade mead.
The lemonade mead is deeeeelicious. It reminds me of a Mike's Hard Lemonade, only ours isn't sparkling. Sounds like the boy is ready to bottle it and then we'll leave it alone to finish bottle conditioning for at least another month and then it should be ready for mass consumption. Maybe we'll have some ready to take with us next month to share with our mead buddies, Buck and Patty, when we visit the 'rents. Or maybe I will just drink it all myself, mwhahaha!! Just kidding Dr. Mansell, I know I have liver disease and would never drink 2 1/2 gallons of alcohol by myself (wink, wink).

Day #2 of Memorial Day weekend proved to be as unproductive as Day #1. Today started with the Indy 500 the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, also known as. the "Greatest Testicle in Racing" per Mr. A., that I stayed home from church to watch with the Canadian though I did have to go back to church at noon for a Finance Committee meeting (...zzzzz). I followed that up with more racing, some internet surfing, and a little bit of meal preparation. I think the most strenuous thing I'll end up doing today is going to the gym tonight.

I've got a new toy coming my way, complements of the Canadian. A Ninja Kitchen System 1100 which is like a way more affordable Vitamix.
It can blend sticks, stones, and small vermin in the blink of an eye. The boy had read blender reviews in Consumer Reports while waiting in the dentist office which rated it very high. I'm excited to try making my gluten free muffin mix in it which requires grinding old fashioned oats to a powder consistency. And you can even make soft serve ice cream in it. I'm going to start pureeing everything whether it needs it or not, just because I can now!

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