Monday, May 14, 2012

Hottest thing on two wheels

While I was busy tonight doing dinner dishes and making lunches for tomorrow the boy ran off to do some errands. When he got back he came in and showed me a photo he took on his cell phone of two bicycles which I immediately recognized as being parked in our front courtyard. So I abandoned boiling pots of pasta on the stove and ran outside to check out our new pretties;
That's right, that's my new raspberry pink girls bike! Okay, the boy assures me it's not an actual kids bike (even though we saw a 6 yr old girl biking around on something bigger), it's just a smaller woman's bike for my tiny midget legs. Before we take it out for it's maiden crash I need to get a helmet since Lord knows that given any opportunity to fall down I will. Make that a helmet and a seat pad. Since I've had everything nipped and tucked, there's not enough padding in my caboose to make the stock seat even remotely comfortable. Then I'll be off like greased lightening and people will wonder who that little boy with the short hair flying by on a bright pink bike is. I say all this assuming that I can even remember how to ride after a 20 year hiatus. So my next photos will either be that of triumphant victory or of me in traction. It's a 50/50 chance either way.


Anni said...

If you need advice on faceplanting like a champion, I'm your girl!

Susana & Chris said...

That's what I said! I'm not worried about stopping the bike - I'll just tip it over and skid my way to a stop as learned in the Lil' Wilson school o' bicycling.