Thursday, June 27, 2013

Buy Local

For the first time in many years, I finally went to the Town's Thursday night Buy Local/Party in the Park event at the community park. Since I'm now in charge of park rentals I was actually curious this year to see what the event, which took weeks on my end to permit, was actually all about. I met my friend Kari there where we scored some first glass polish dogs from the Clampers, known as Clamper Dogs.
We settled in on the grassy knoll and listened to some local bands singing bad cover songs while melting in the late afternoon sun.
A couple of songs sets and an Italian Ice later, I was ready to roll home. But not without scoring a beautiful bouquet of gladiolus for only $5 from one of the flower vendors.
 I've already got my to-do list together for my next time there - $2.00 nachos and a piping hot fresh bag of kettle corn.

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