Sunday, June 16, 2013

Late night party animals

Last night we, with our neighbors in tow, went up to Magalia and met up with two other home brew club couples for an evening of dinner and drinks. Since I was the most versed in the layout of Magalia, and I don't drink beer, I was the designated driver. But being the DD didn't mean I couldn't have the most ridiculously tasty malt beverage, with only 3.2% alcohol, right when I arrived;
That'd be a Seagram's 'Jamaican Me Happy' wine cooler. And it really did Jamaica me happy.
Chris and I brought deviled eggs, made with ranch, bacon, and cheese, and spinach dip with a sliced sourdough baguette for appetizers. After everybody loaded up with some snacks we headed out to the back yard where our hosts, Nena (yes, it's an 'e' instead of an 'i') and David, had set up a little seating area around their fire pit table.
The beer samples flowed for a couple of hours before we took a break for a bbq dinner. Nena bbq'd up some chicken, bratwursts, pineapple and veggies to go with a corn and bean salad, fruit salad, and warm alfredo pasta. Good stuff, Maynard.
As the sun went down, we cleared off our little table and David lit the propane gas fire for our basking enjoyment. Seriously. They said it came with some little red 'lava' rocks, but they changed them out for glass rocks from the $1 store. Now we just need to make some friends so that we have someone to enjoy it with! Seven hours later I hauled a group of drunk beer enthusiasts home, barely making it to bed before midnight. Was I able to wake up in time for church this morning? Yeah....not so much. Was the boy feeling the effects of a late night of 'partying'? Apparently a late night full of rich foods and strong beers do not treat him kindly in the morning.  We'd better just stick with daytime tea parties in the future.

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