Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fat foot

For the most part I've been healing up nicely from my leg surgery....with the exception of the incessant swelling of my right foot. I've been trying to elevate it, but to no avail so I finally had to refresh my little mind and re-read about the healing process of this whole shindig. The swelling could go on for three to six months. Ugh. It took my stomach six months for the swelling to subside so I'm not sure why I'm so impatient after only two months, but I am. Anyway, I'm supposed to be elevating my leg above my heart for 15-20 minutes every couple of hours, taking some anti-inflammatory pills, and exercising the leg throughout the day. So, I increased my leg pillows from two to three, took some ibuprofen, and pulled out the stationary bike so that I could hop on it a couple times for every hour I was sitting.
I have to read while I bike or I get bored, so my new Dorie Greenspan baking book took a quick spin with me. This trifecta of leg therapy actually worked because there were times during the day that I could actually see the veins in my foot which until now have been buried under a layer of marshmallow and cotton candy. Or at least that's what I like to think is causing all the swelling in my foot.


Lisa Dovichi said...

How do you get all your cute shoes on your fat little sausage feet? :D

Susana & Chris said...

They're muffin topping out of the tops of them!