Saturday, January 29, 2011

Working for the weekend

It's finally Saturday and we celebrated by sleeping in until 10:00 am! Between bible study, singing practice, birthday parties after work, and hours of treasury training for my second job, I was truly looking forward to at least one day when I could sit back and relax. And by sit back and relax I mean only spend two hours on the laptop running reports and paying bills for the church. But somehow, I managed to squeeze out a little time between loads of dishes and laundry and grocery shopping to spend a little time creating magically delicious treats in the kitchen this evening. I found a recipe for chocolate cookies to which I added peanut butter chips.
While they were baking, the Canadian bided his time by drinking his new favorite drink of Southern Comfort with lemonade with a grape vine straw.
Move over red vines, there's a new licorice in town and it's delicious!

I'm hoping that even though we practically slept in until noon, I can get to bed at a decent time because I sing in the morning which means that I have to wake up at the crack o' dawn for practice. I've been spending some time this evening listening to my song set on youtube.

Oh-there goes the buzzer for the second load of laundry in the dryer. My household duties never end!

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