Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new year....

...a new war mini-series;
My mom got Chris 'The Pacific' for Christmas which he pulled out today for an all day marathon.

We did manage a short break to go see True Grit at the movie theater. I've never seen the original, as I'm not one for westerns, but it wasn't bad. Even though the best part was the fact that Chris scared the little 8 year old boy next to me by confronting him for being too loud. He insisted on slurping his soda, relentlessly shaking his bag of popcorn while throwing elbows at me, rocking in his chair making it creak, and wiping his hands for five minutes on a paper napkin that was somehow the loudest napkin we had ever heard. Finally Chris leaned over and said to him "are your hands clean enough yet??" which caused him to stop immediately and lean over to his mom/grandma in fear. From that point on he would look over at us whenever he drank or ate in fear we might accost him again. Nothing like starting a new year by tormenting small children!

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