Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Foot follies

There was a mutiny at work today and my co-workers forced me to go to the doctor to look at my fat foot. It's gotten so sore that I'm limping now when I wear shoes. I left after lunch and went straight to my surgeon's office, who, after pushing on my leg and foot immediately sent me to the hospital to be checked for blood clots. The ultra-sound tech didn't give away any secrets, but I guess there wasn't anything too suspicious because they let me leave. In the meantime the surgeon's office was also setting me up an appointment with the lymphedema clinic in town to be fitted for another compression garment for my right leg. Will the fun never end?!

That whole rodeo kind of shot my evening plans of cleaning and baking for bible study tomorrow night. Instead Chris helped me do a quick pick-up and I ran over to Trader's for my last minute dinner ingredients.
I found an online recipe for baked gnocchi - lasagna style. Layers of tomato sauce, cheese, spinach, gnocchi, repeat. Bought some olive focaccia bread and the makings for a pear and walnut salad to go with it. I was going to bake a dessert out of my new Dorie Greenspan baking book, but too much going on tonight to get it done so a store bought dessert is in my future. I'll save it for next time because it sounds delicious - a cardamom and coffee marble loaf.


Lisa Dovichi said...

I totally wanted the baked gnocci lasagna style recipe. That sounds super delicious! :D

Lisa Dovichi said...

Oh yeah...

I really hope your foot and leg are okay. And you're right they wouldn't have let you go if you'd had a clot. My mom had one and was admitted to the hospital RIGHT away.