Friday, January 7, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

After two months of non-stop holidays it's really hard to go back to full work weeks in January, but thankfully I wised up and took today off. That, and I had another treasury training session at the church this morning.
About a week ago I was handed over all of the church's financial records, a box of checks and the official treasury laptop with which to battle evil. Thankfully, a previous treasurer has taken me under her wing and is giving me much needed training. Sadly, I'd agreed to a 10:00 am meeting time, but could barely get myself out of bed, showered and there on time. Note to self - never make an appointment before noon. Pathetic.

It is cold today. Bitterly cold. It hasn't gotten over 39 degrees. Yesterday it was sunny and quasi-warm in p-town, but apparently the rest of the valley was socked in with fog all day. On my way home down the Skyway you could see the fog sitting down in the Centerville canyon.
Right around lookout point you just drove straight into a wall of fog. The local weatherman promises the weekend will be sunny so I'm just waiting it out.

Tonight I have a hot date with C. in the 'ville for a Matthew West Christian concert. We're meeting for dinner at Applebee's in Oroville at 4:45 (I know, I didn't know they had an Applebee's either!?) so that we can be at the church at 6:00 pm. Then we'll be raising the roof until midnight. Girls night - woot, woot!!

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