Saturday, April 30, 2011

New kicks

Now that the warmer weather is coming, I needed open toed shoes that I could wear with my full compression get-up. I have a comfy pair of brown Dansko sandals I bought last year for Chicago, but I wanted a black and tan/nude pair of shoes that I could wear to work and take on vacation again this year that could stand up to a lot of walking. So I went back to Johnson Shoe store in the mall to check out this year's new assortment of shoes. I found a black pair of Danskos that are being shipped to me from another stores and found a nude pair that they had in stock.
They're not the fanciest pair of shoes in the world, but they're super comfortable and they fit my foot with the stocking and toe cap on.
I'm planning on breaking them in at a wedding (Butch Bobby and Kayla) we're going to tonight. Hopefully they'll be worth the money.

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