Friday, June 24, 2011

Four eyes

Our new eyeglasses came in earlier in the week and I finally got a chance to go pick mine up this afternoon after a lovely lunch at Hula's with one of the gals I sing with on Sundays. I was relieved to see that I still liked them as much I apparently did the day I picked them out.
Everything looks so clear and sharp, I love it! These glasses have a stronger reading strength (they're progressives) than my last pair and, if I recall correctly, the over all prescription is a little stronger.

I didn't have to work today since I worked late on Tuesday night because of Planning Commission. Instead I woke up when Chris left for work and got started on my day's errands including getting my grocery shopping done before all the scourge of the earth got there. All in all I'm feeling pretty productive today, which truthfully, goes against my grain.

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