Friday, June 10, 2011

Ribbon cutting

My co-worker Sherry, who teaches the bread and tamale classes I've taken, asked me if I could come to her house after work on Thursday and help out at her Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting. Never one to turn down a party, I gladly obliged. When I got there I was assigned to be in charge of the tamale table where I cut tamales up in three pieces, topped them with sauce and cheese, and served them up in little dishes for the guests to enjoy. Another co-worker, Cheri, worked next to me cutting up and serving small pieces of homemade pizza.
After Sherry gave her little speech to the group there was the official ribbon cutting and photo which she insisted that all of us "helpers" be in. I'm waiting for it to be on the chamber's website so that I can bask in all my new found fame.
I had a blast helping out. I haven't done anything remotely close to catering in about 4 years, so I really enjoyed reliving my glory days in the food biz.

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