Saturday, June 25, 2011

Western wraps

I'm going to a potluck pool party this afternoon with co-workers as a good-bye celebration for those who are being laid off effective the end of next week. For my potluck contribution I'm bringing pinwheels (deliciously filled tortilla wraps). I found an old Pampered Chef make-your-own pinwheel recipe sheet in my collection that had an easy western wrap recipe.

First you spread a tortilla with a cream cheese and bbq sauce spread;
Next is a layer of lettuce pressed into the spread;
Followed with a layer of roast beef lunch meat;
Topped with a layer of shredded cheddar cheese;
Finally a layer of tomatoes;
Then the whole thing is rolled up and wrapped in plastic wrap for an hour or so before slicing into rounds.
The recipe ended up making one more than it called for so I had it for lunch and it was very tasty. After seeing the sign up sheet for the potluck I know I'm not going to have to eat for days!

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