Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wickedly Decadent

Today was Father's Day, or as my gift card to the boy said, "Happy (you're not a) Father's Day";
Lots of candy to celebrate his childless freedom.

This past week has produced some very warm temperatures, following weeks of rain, that have caused our hop plants and tomatoes to take off in the back yard.
No tomatoes have started yet, but there's lots of buds. To better our odds, we only planted tomatoes this year. Some sweet 100s, yellow pears, and some mystery tomatoes from a co-worker.

I got started on my Sunday baking early today because of the long baking and cooling times. Chubby Hubby Brownies full of caramel, peanut butter pretzels and a cream cheese filling.
Even after baking almost double the cooking time, the very center of the pan was still too gooey to take to work tomorrow so they became our sample pieces. So rich, sweet and crazy decadent. I'll think they'll be a winner at work. A layer of brownie, caramels, crushed peanut butter pretzels, cream cheese filling, more brownie batter swirled into the cream cheese filling, topped with more caramel and pretzels. How can you go wrong with that combo?


kath said...

Did I mention that hops can grow up to 6 feet per day when it's hot? Soon you won't be able to see out your windows!

Lisa Dovichi said...

Oh... another recipe I want. :)