Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Night Market

In my quest for a birthday gift, we decided to go downtown tonight for dinner and gift shopping. Since Thursday nights are also the downtown farmer's market we decided to head over as soon as we got home to beat the crazy crowds of scantily clothed college students. We'd been eyeballing a newer restaurant downtown called Burgers & Brews. It sounded right up our alley. I chose the spicy guacamole cheeseburger with fries;
That's a 1/2 pound of medium well spicy deliciousness! Chris got the bacon jalapeno burger.
True to their name they had pages and pages of brews to choose from on the menu. An Anchor Steam Amber was finally settled on much to the Canadian's satisfaction. We ate out in their outdoor patio since the weather was nice this evening and were serenaded by the thundering bass of a live band next door at the local downtown bar. After dinner we strolled around looking at the food booths and peeking inside some of the shops that stayed open late like Made in Chico. Unfortunately I didn't find any great gift ideas, but it was still worth the burger and fries.

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