Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stuck inside

So what do you do when the weekend is forecasted to be triple digits? You find busy work inside, of course. While I did some general cleaning and laundry, the boy worked on the more important task of making a new TV schedule for us.
With so many new shows starting that strike our fancy (Copper on BBC America and Elementary on CBS) and old shows that we try and keep up with we need a weekly schedule to make sure we don't miss taping anything. Finding time to actually watch it all is an entirely different matter.

I also made a new quick-reference food list for the fridge for me. Because I have so many food intolerances I'm constantly checking a multi-paged master list of ok/bad foods I have, but wanted an easy to see single sheet list instead.
I found one online that is even color coded for my visual enjoyment. And after I consulted my handy list I figured out why I felt like hell earlier in the week - I had dramatically increased my intake of coconut (flour, oil, dried), almonds (meal, raw, and butter), and flaxseed which are in the yellow and red lists. I had gone all gung-ho on new gluten free recipes using those ingredients and never took time to look up if I should even be eating them. It was the Canadian, who was getting tired of listening to me rolling around moaning "let me die", that asked if I was supposed to be eating all these new foods I'd been shoving down my gullet. For some reason I just assumed that because they were gluten free they'd be fine without ever bothering to look up their fermentable sugar content which is really what my intolerance is to, not gluten. Painful lesson learned.

Plan for tomorrow? Get anything remotely heat producing (baking, laundry, and thinking) done before it turns 90 degrees at 8:00 a.m.!

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