Saturday, August 4, 2012

The big reveal

Without further ado, here's my newest piece of body art....
 Awwww....a Canadian maple leaf with a heart in it for the Canadian that I love. And the best part - when I kick him to the curb for Ryan Reynolds (which he totally knows about and condones), Ryan's also Canadian so no harm no foul! Always thinking ahead, I am. I'll be spending the next couple of weeks washing it 4-5 times a day with a mild cleaner (actually a mild Clinique face wash I have) followed by a light layer of Curel lotion. It feels weird at first because the entire image is raised, like an embossed image, but eventually it'll smooth out.

Since I was too busy defiling my body yesterday I didn't get a chance to do my full grocery shopping so I had to spend my morning at CholoMaxx stocking up on provisions. The rest of the afternoon I spent playing on the computer (checking out a new grain-free recipe website), watching NASCAR trucks and Nationwide, and enjoying a small glass of our lemonade mead.
When I was making our shopping list the Canadian specifically requested my enchiladas, so I picked up a rotisserie chicken and all the fixings this morning to make for dinner tonight. However, instead of using corn tortillas which break and aren't the boy's favorite, I chose to try a new recipe for gluten-free tortillas. They're almost a crepe-like consistency. I also changed up the way I make the filling and mixed the shredded chicken with a container of dairy-free "cream cheese" on the stove until melted and added a small can of sliced olives, a can of roasted green chilies and some diced green onions.No cheese or dairy and it tasted delicious! Then I got busy making tortilla after tortilla after tortilla.

Even though the tortillas are made with coconut flour, which give off a wonderful aroma while cooking, they don't taste of it which makes them perfect for a savory dish. I used the remainder batter to make four extra crepes for dessert later. I plan on slicing some bananas and layering it with almond butter and melted chocolate. Super win for dinner/dessert!

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Chris said...

super yummy enchiladas, and even yummier peach and honey crepes. mmm