Friday, August 3, 2012


Friday couldn't come soon enough for me. I'm exhausted and ready for a day off, but not before going in to work this morning for a few hours and running a couple of errands this afternoon. The sunrise this morning while driving up the hill was amazing from the smoke of the Chips Fire burning over on Highway 70 by Beldon.
The smoke on the horizon was dark purple in hue and the sun was dark, dark pink. I wish the sun always looked like that in the morning, but without the 4,500 acres on fire creating that look.

Tomorrow is my co-worker, and arch-nemesis', birthday so I brought her a bag of goodies to enjoy today which included my favorite drink coaster ever,
She loved it of course, even though she's the one I think of when I read it.

I went in to work this morning at 6:30 am so that I could leave at 10:30 am and be in Chico by 11:00 am for my appointment for....
....more ink, baby! That's my friend Poppy's husband, Chucky, who now works at the tattoo business I got my last two tattoos at. It's a vertical design along my left side, and it was by far the most painful of my four tattoos. Nothings I couldn't close my eyes and breathe through, but certainly not as relaxing as the others. It's still under wraps so you'll have to check back later for the big unveil. Kari met me there and was ready to hop in the chair as soon as I was done to get her foot tattoo, from our last trip there 9 years ago, retouched.
I'd only met Chucky in passing once, but he was a hoot to hang out with for the hour and a half we were there. Good pick Poppy, good pick! To celebrate our new ink, Kari and I went over to Grilla Bites (organic hippie food) on Cohasset for lunch.

After a quick stop at Traders for dinner food and Curel lotion for my tattoo care, I came home to relax and watch a little House Hunters International in Denmark. Chris finally remembered this morning that I had mentioned weeks ago that Kari and I were getting new tattoos, but he never saw the design so it'll be a surprise when he gets home. Hope he loves pugs playing poker!

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