Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dinner with friends

Tonight was our dinner party with all the couples from bible study. Lulu and Bill, who live down the street from us, hosted and provided the meat, the rest of us brought sides. I whipped up some delicious twice-baked potatoes with cheese and bacon.
Even though we were the closest, we were the last ones there because of my 2+ hour potato baking extravaganza. Everyone else was already snacking and drinking when we got there so I got my own glass of wine and headed out back to join the others.
We had a fabulous 3 hour dinner party full of good food and drinks. Chis brought some of our plum wine, lemon mead, and hard lemonade to share with the group. One of the couples there keep bees and are going to try to hook us up with some honey for a new batch of mead. Chris has been talking about this dinner idea for months so it was nice that all of our schedules finally lined up.

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