Saturday, October 6, 2012

SoCal Sister Sleepover - Day 3

Today was all about shopping, shopping, and more shopping in old town Pasadena. When Wilson visits home she brings me delicious vinegars and olive oils from a store in old town Pasadena. The bottles are refillable so I brought the empty bottles with me to take back to the store for refills. After sampling all of their wares I settled on the Raspberry Basil Vinegar, Champagne Mimosa Vinegar, Lemon Vanilla Vinegar, and Jalapeno Garlic olive oil (to die for).
I only brought the lemon vanilla vinegar home because it was a small 2 oz bottle, the others were all full size so I'm having Wilson bring them with her when she comes home next weekend because I would have been a very sad Susana if they'd broken in my luggage.

Wilson was a good sport as she followed me into store after store so I could try on the newest big city fashions.
Dear Banana Republic, why do you make such adorable coats when you know I need another coat like I need a hole in the head? Part of our shopping included a stop at Sephora where Wilson bought me some perfume and makeup for my birthday. She knows that old people need all the help they can get to smell and look good. We left downtown shortly after 3:00 pm to get me to the airport (Bob Hope Airport) by 4:00 pm for my 2-hr check-in. And even though I didn't do an early online check-in, I still got the group A, #16 boarding pass. Then I had two hours to kill, playing on my Nook, drinking bad coffee, and watching the incoming flights.
It's a crazy airport where you board and disembark outside on the tarmac. My boss, Craig, just thinks that's the coolest thing - totally old Hollywood style. I snub my nose at it, I want my enclosed gate tunnels. But I do have to say, it's the easiest place to get in and out of.

I got home right around 9:00 pm where I was greeted by my husband bearing birthday gift boxes from my family that had been delivered while I was gone. They're staring at me, taunting me, but I'm going to be strong and wait until Wednesday. Thanks to Wilson for a fabulous weekend of adventures and to her cat, Chubs, for making sure I never overslept by getting in my face and meowing.

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