Saturday, October 13, 2012

Parade of lights

Since Wilson is home for the weekend I stole her tonight to accompany me to the downtown Parade of Lights. The shindig was set to start at 7:30 pm, but it was hell getting a parking spot. It felt like we spent more time trying to circle around the block than we did at the entire event. We found a good spot to stand on 3rd Street which was right at the beginning of the parade route. Then we settled in for an hour of brightly lit entertainment.
The local sorority houses all had floats with vacation themes like New Orleans, Times Square (above), and L.A. even though the theme of the parade was the "Chico Experience" so we're not quite sure of the connection.
There was a parade of bugs that were part of the Chico Volks Club.This one was decorated like the life flight helicopter from Enloe.
Then there was a wild posse of BMX riders taking to the streets; their bikes completely decked out with glow sticks. Overall it was pretty entertaining and maybe next year Wilson and the Canadian can march proudly with the Chico Cat Coalition, carrying their stuffed cats decorated with lights.

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