Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hiking The Strip

Yesterday we logged hours and hours of walking up and down the strip. We started off our morning with some quick oatmeal from Starbucks down in the "Staten Island" section of our hotel.
It's all decorated like a miniature New York neighborhood. Super cute. After breakfast we headed north on the strip, checking out the Bellagio;
and then Caesar's Palace;

And eventually over to the Wynn where we had their famous buffet for dinner.
The buffet was good, but not as good as our Irish pub dinner at our casino the first night. Oh well, they did have a good paella that I had seconds on. Since we'd both bought shoes at the mall we decided to walk back to our hotel and drop off our loot after dinner before heading to the Fremont Street Experience on the way northern end of the strip. While back at the hotel we figured out how the local transit system worked since it was way too far to walk and then headed across the street from our hotel to catch a north bound bus. 40 minutes later we were dumped off in the heart of Fremont Street to soak in all the old Vegas gaudiness.
All of Fremont Street is covered by some sort of overhead LED canopy that did awesome musical and light displays.
While there we tried to make ourselves blend in by partaking in some of the local offerings such as alcoholic slushies (mudslide for me and a blue lagoon for the boy) with deep fried Twinkies and chocolate covered frozen bananas.

The fried Twinkie was life changing. It could be the most decadent, white trash food we've ever eaten, though we were put to shame by the lady who bought both the fried Twinkie and fried Oreos. As per Vegas style we didn't even have thoughts about coming back to our hotel until 11:00 pm. Apparently sugar and booze will keep you fueled for hours. Who knew?!?

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