Thursday, October 18, 2012

Last full day in Vegas

Since we fly home tomorrow morning we spent today hitting the last few casinos that were on our must-see list like Paris and The Venetian. Both were north of our casino so after our oatmeal breakfast we crossed Las Vegas Blvd and started trekking north. We wandered through a couple of other casinos we passed on the way, but nothing noteworthy. We hit Paris first which offered a cute promenade of shops and cafes.
After Paris we continued to walk north until we got to The Venetian which is probably my favorite casino. It has such a wonderful Italian theme to it, plus oodles of shopping.
We didn't pay to ride on the gondolas, but we did enjoy watching other couples ride down the canal while the gondoliers sang. Plus there were performances going on in St. Mark's Square (across the canal from me in the photo) every hour which we enjoyed while sharing some gelato and coffee. Like some of the other casinos, The Venetian had been decorated in a fall theme;

After The Venetian we headed back to our hotel only stopping long enough to catch the water show in front of the Bellagio.
Instead of going out for our last dinner we stayed here and went to the Irish Pub again that we went to on our first night. Another salmon salad for me and fried sausages for the boy with some adult drinks to wash it all down.

Now we're just lying around with our full bellies waiting until our 8:00 pm show starts. This morning we bought tickets to Dancing Queen which is a musical tribute to ABBA. How could you not want to watch that? Then I think some toffee cheesecake and spicy Irish coffee is in store for us as a bedtime treat. We'll be getting up early tomorrow to be checked out and waiting for our airport shuttle at 9:30 am. Then it's back to reality where people aren't trying to shove nudie trading cards at us and there's not a roller coaster track right outside of our bedroom window with people screaming woo-hoo every 30 minutes as they whiz by.

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