Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good eats

After much anticipation, the new Japanese restaurant in P-town finally opened last week. Even better, three of my co-workers took me there for an early birthday lunch.

The owner of the restaurant was so happy to see me that she came over and gave me a hug. I had worked with her on many occasions to get her paperwork completed for her state food and liquor licensing. I was so excited to try all of the delicious things on the menu. We all settled on the lunch special which was two Japanese "tacos". They were slices of eggplant, dipped and fried in tempura, and stuffed with your choice of spicy tuna, crab mix, or avocado and tofu. I had the tuna and crab tacos. As a group, we also ordered some rolls a la carte to share. California rolls, seared tuna rolls, and a "jimmy" roll which was tempura dipped and fried and had cream cheese in the filling. It was all so ridiculously good. Against the protest of my full belly I agreed to some green tea ice cream dessert, but was then informed they were out so I declined any further offers. But the owner wouldn't hear of it and brought me out a scoop of vanilla birthday ice cream. I'm literally counting the minutes until I can go back again.

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