Friday, February 4, 2011

Catching up

Whoa! How did it go a whole week without me blogging? Bad Susana. Here's my week in photos:

Monday - Spent an hour in the afternoon at the e-waste recycling facility emptying 27 boxes of old tape cassettes from town council meetings in the '80s. Ah, the glamorous life of a recycling coordinator.
Tuesday - We took advantage of all day matinee prices to go to the movies to see the 8:00 pm showing of The Mechanic (with Jason Statham). Yes he took his shirt off and yes it was glorious. I went dressed in sweat pants and the Canadian wore his slippers. We always dress up fancy when we 'go to town'.
Wednesday - Blood donor day at the veteran's hall. What kind of awesome freebies were they giving out this time?? Absolutely nothing. I didn't even get a free ice cream coupon. WTF?? And there was hardly anybody there to donate which is highly unusual. After asking where everybody was I found out that there had been a special mobile event the week before at the local movie theater where they were giving out free movie coupons. What?? Why did nobody call and tell me? Just for that, I ate TWO snacks at the snack table. That'll show them!
Thursday - Got my new pedometer in the mail. I promise I will not drop this one in a gas station restroom toilet.
Friday - Caught an awesome sunrise on the way up the hill this morning at 6:45 am. Took the photo with one hand while eating a breakfast wrap from Starbucks in the other hand. That's driving talent! When the Canadian gets home tonight we're going to walk the couple of block over to Burger Hut for dinner and then spend some time at Barnes & Noble before doing grocery shopping. Since I'm still doing my treasury training on Friday afternoons I haven't been able to get my shopping done on time.
The big plan for the weekend of course is of course watching the super bowl and cheering for the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. I can only imagine the partying that will go down in the city if he wins!

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