Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Bunny fail

Easter was very quiet this year at the Hartman household. I went to church while the Canadian stayed home and sinned himself silly. And the first question he asked me when I got home? "Where's my Easter basket? I looked around and couldn't find it." The Easter bunny had made the catastrophic mistake of assuming the bags of jelly beans and sour balls from the previous week would suffice through Easter. The Easter bunny couldn't be more wrong. Or in trouble. The Canadian was devastated and slightly disgusted. I'm lucky he shared any of his Easter ham with me. Speaking of which, the ham was crazy delicious again this year.
A wild mix of beer, pepperoncinis, chili garlic sauce, Italian parsley and whatever else he could find in the fridge. But somehow it always works out. As is our tradition, we enjoyed a big plate of ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls while watching Jesus movies. At dinner time it was all about The Greatest Story Ever Told.
Good thing the ham was so tasty because 8 lbs between two people is going to last us half a lifetime!

After my inexcusable Easter basket faux pas I made sure that the Easter bunny stopped by our house the next day and left the Canadian a basket full of delights.
The Canadian's response? "Oh, you shouldn't have, but you should have yesterday!" Oh snap.


Chris said...

I was very relieved to find out the easter bunny hadn't died. Like your love of me, apparently.

kath said...

This Easter thing goes back to when the Canadian was a little tyke, you see. I once made the BIG mistake and put a HOLLOW chocolate bunny in his Easter basket. When he bit into it and discovered that it was not the usual SOLID one, well, he has never let me or the Easter Bunny forget.
Also the Easter Bunny left BIG presents (sort of a half-birthday) and he got outside toys like bikes and balls since his end of October birthday was late in the outdoor season.
So you and the EB have a lot to live up to!

Susana & Chris said...

That's too funny, Mum. Chris was just telling me about his half-birthday yesterday. I guess he wasn't pulling my leg!