Friday, April 22, 2011

It's been awhile...

Since Chris has become a home brewing maniac there hasn't been any need to pick up mixed 6-packs from the liquor store up in P-town, but a special request for some pale ales and summer brews sent me in there this afternoon for a long overdue shopping extravaganza.
The store manager helped me pick out pale ales, which surprisingly there weren't a lot of, and then I grabbed a couple of new brews that I thought the Canadian would like. I remembered not to buy any Flying Dog which have been banned from our house forever so hopefully the rest will pass muster.


Chris said...

Looks like a nice selection!

ps: Flying Dog isn't bad. Most Dogfish Head makes me gag.

Susana & Chris said...

No, trust me, you've hated every single Flying Dog I've brought home and told me to quit buying them. If you saw the label you'd remember.