Saturday, April 2, 2011

Taste of Spain

So who got up crazy wicked early this morning (8:30ish) to go to the farmers market? Me! I was under some delusional impression that I would be able to find things like cherry tomatoes and green beans there, even though Chris tried to warn me with his misguided dose of logic. He asked me why I thought the farmers market would have any other vegetable besides cabbage if vegetable plants weren't even available to buy yet from garden centers. Bah! And you know what? All you find at the farmers market this time of year is cabbage and leeks. Refusing to leave empty handed, I bought a loaf of my favorite olive bread from Tin Roof Bakery and out of curiosity picked up a ham and cheese empanada from a booth run by some self-proclaimed Spaniards. When I got home I threw it in the toaster oven and split it with the Canadian to go with our scrambled eggs.
Good, but a little heavy on the pie crust dough. Maybe I'll try one of the chorizo ones next time. The lady said that Spanish chorizo is not the same as Mexican chorizo. It's leaner and not as spicy. That sounds perfect to me. Maybe by then they'll have some damn vegetables (shaking fist)!!!!

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kath said...

You gotta go to the Farmer's Market in Chile if you want lots of veggies at this time...our Northern Cal & Southern Oregon climes won't have that stuff until June or July onward thru October. You may find some greenhouse raised stuff sooner for a premium price (tomatoes, mainly). I usually buy some at $4 a pound here starting in May...just can't resist them as they DO taste like REAL tomatoes! I have to ration them and slice them very thinly.