Friday, April 22, 2011

Finally Friday

It has been a brutal week for me at work and I am eternally grateful that it is finally Friday. It was just a week full of dreaded meetings. But now the meetings are over and I can breath a little easier. After a quiet morning at work this morning I went and got my would-be-mullet trimmed and did my grocery shopping. While at Traders I was excited to see new basil plants for sale. Of course my old one didn't make it through the "harsh" valley winter.
It's smells magically delicious.

We had big excitement in our little burg this evening. While going out for our evening walk we noticed a persistent wet spot on the asphalt that has been slowly growing over the last few days and had finally accumulated enough fluid to start draining down along the edge of the sidewalk. We finally decided that it was worthy of calling in to the water company about and much to our surprise a worker was out at our house within about 20 minutes to check it out. Of course it had just finished a 15 minute sprinkle and the whole road was wet, but he was able to see the area we were talking about. He called into his supervisor and was told she would come out in the morning to check it out and decide if crews would start digging up our front yard over the weekend or wait until Monday. It doesn't look to be a leak from our water line, but our front yard is the main hub of water pipe activity for all the surrounding houses. This should keep us entertained for at least the next couple days.

The Canadian was having unhappy tummy today so he decided to skip our Friday night workout at the gym, but I strapped on my booties and headed over by myself. I was able to find one pair of sneakers that I could actually fit my foot into while wearing my stocking and my toe cap. Afterwards, my foot looked the best it's looked all week;
Left foot is normal, right foot is fat foot. It's the area around the base of my toes that's holding fluid, and in my toes themselves, but as you can see there's some veins in there trying to push their way through. It would appear that the stocking and toe cap together are the magic combo for progress. If only that combo would fit into more of my shoes!

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Lisa Dovichi said...

Did you see my basil plant? I feel like Farmer Face over here. LOL I would kill to actually have a yard to plant in. Where do you live, again?