Friday, July 1, 2011

The great cookie debacle

In celebration of Canada Day I attempted to make the Canadian some maple leaf shaped sugar cookies in remembrance of his mother land. The plan was pretty simple, I bought a log of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough and rolled out each slice large enough to use my cookie cutter on it, and then topped them all with red sprinkles, the official sprinkle color of Canada.
However, 12 minutes in the oven later....
Damn you Pillsbury cookie dough! Damn you straight to French Canadian hell!! Obviously Chris wouldn't understand the significance of ginormous sugar cookie blobs so I ended up having to go back to the store and thankfully found some maple creme filled cookies that were literally a product of Canada. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a cold, refreshing bottle of Molson Ice to wash his cookies down with and had to settle for the newest Sierra Nevada release from their partnership with the local monastery. But oooooh no, Chris wasn't impressed for a minute and demanded to know where his crappy cannuck ale was. My mom was right, there's just no pleasing those damn dirty Canadians!

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