Friday, July 22, 2011

Sips & Seafood

Our seeing eye dog fundraiser dinner at a neighboring hotel started at 6:30 pm tonight for which we arrived right on time. We were each given a glow-in-the-dark bracelet as evidence we were paying guests and a complimentary wine glass. From there we were ushered into the event room which was set up with wine tasting tables and various seafood tables to enjoy samples from.
The event spilled out onto the outdoor patio where more wine and food tables were setup. We managed to grab the only table with chairs and had excellent views of our fellow Canadians as well the bay behind us.
There was soooo much seafood to be gobbled up. Coconut shrimp, smoked salmon, mussels, clams, seafood risotto, crab, oysters, salmon jerky, sushi rolls, smoked albacore, fried lingcod with fries, and fruit crepes for dessert. In addition to the wine, Phillips Brewery from Victoria was there serving an ale and a hefeweizen that Chris thoroughly enjoyed.
We finally figured out the best game plan was to stand in line together eating our score from the previous table, finishing just in time to get new grub. When the crowd started thinning out around 8:00 pm we were really able to go hog wild. I went back twice for fruit crepes because nobody was in line. Mmmmmm!!!

When we had our fill we headed back home, surprised at how chilly the wind off the harbor got at night. Even with frozen toes, we still stopped to admire the Parliament building all lit up at night.
The docent out front said they give tours starting at 9:00 a.m. so we're planning on stopping by tomorrow after checking out the B.C. Royal Museum in the morning.

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