Friday, July 22, 2011

We're in Canada, eh?

Last night was our last night in Seattle before heading out on the ferry for Victoria. Dinner at the Space Needle was fantastic. I had a stuffed chicken breast with lemon ricotta raviolis and the Canadian got slow cooked beef short ribs which made him groan in culinary delight.
We lucked out with window seats so we got to sit back and watch the world go by as the restaurant made a full revolution every 47 minutes. A trip to the observation deck was included with dinner so when we were done we went back up to the top floor (where they had us wait until our dinner table was ready) and caught some photos at twilight.
We're glad we ended up taking the monorail to the needle because neither of us was interested in walking back to the hotel with full bellies. This morning we got up early, hit a Starbuck's for breakfast (you can't swing a dead cat without seeing one), and were to the ferry by 8:00 a.m. The ride was just under 3 hours which is apparently my limit because by the last half an hour I had to put my book away and focus on a stationary point in the ferry because my stomach was no longer tolerating the undulating waves. Once we got through customs we saddled up our luggage and hit the road on foot to our hotel, about a mile down the road from the pier. By the time we got checked into the hotel, which graciously gave us an early check-in, it was lunch time so we popped in across the street to the Sticky Wicket and had some tasty burgers and salmon chowder. The waiter gave us some good site seeing tips and got us pointed in the direction of a currency exchange kiosk. For $60 American dollars we got $53 (and change) Canadian dollars, so you do the exchange rate math. Unfortunately, their $1 and $2 "bills" are coins which just means I'm going to keep trying to pass them off as quarters. Loonies and Toonies. The gal at the currency exchange rate place pointed out that the toonies are made of two metals, the loonies just one. Next we just walked around Government Street (that fronts the harbor) and familiarized ourselves with the different shops and restaurants.
Tonight's plans are to attend the Sips & Seafood event at a hotel by the ferry pier that we have tickets for. It's a wine/beer tasting and all you can eat seafood event. Does it get much better than that? We're going to leave a little early so that we have time to walk around the parliament buildings on the way. All in all, an excellent first day in the Canadian's motherland.

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