Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flat Stanley's introduction to football

Since Flat Stanley arrived at our house naked the first order of business was to get him hooked up with some clothes. Since Chico is Aaron Rodgers' hometown, Flat Stanley really didn't have any other choice but to wear a Green Bay jersey like everybody else around town. Flat Stanley was so excited to root for a winning team instead of those less than stellar Seahawks so he put on his jersey, and settled in for a little Sunday football.
Then the devastating news was reported - the Packers lost their first game of the season to Kansas City. It was more than Flat Stanley could bear and the next thing we knew we could hear rattling around in the booze shelf in the kitchen.
I know he's got a smile on his face, but inside he was crying. Understanding his hurt, I made him a Malibu and orange juice to help ease the pain. Chris even shared some of his home brew with Flat Stanley. 
Flat Stanley is currently passed out on the couch, but will hopefully wake up refreshed for a little meatloaf dinner. 

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