Tuesday, December 27, 2011

No coal for me!

Since the weather was good and the Canadian and I both had the last week of the year off we were able to spend Christmas at the 'rents. We drove up on Friday because that night we were going to have a little mead-fest with neighbors of the 'rents, Buck and Patty, that we'd met in October because they're fellow dancers of the 'rents.
Look who's excited to see me! Chase!
Chris and Buck going over the fine intricacies of mead brewing. We brought three flavors to sample and Buck brought some of his own to share - all delicious.
Mum had put together a delicious spread of food for us all to munch on that evening. Dips, deviled eggs and meatballs - yum!
See, on rare occasion we can be presentable.

On Saturday we just kicked around the house, Mum and I went to Macy's for any last minute sales I couldn't live without. Found myself the new Clarks I blogged about and some lipstick from Clinique. It surprisingly wasn't that busy for the last shopping day before Christmas. In the afternoon Mum and I got the salads for Christmas dinner started. She made a potato salad and I was in charge of the gluten free pasta salad.
That night, following family tradition, Mum made us a seafood Christmas Eve dinner. Crab salad heated up on sourdough bread (I ate mine with gluten free crackers), sauteed shrimp, and green salad.
After a Christmas breakfast of grits and poached eggs, we got busy ripping into the gifts that Santa left us.

Santa was very good to both of us - tools, books, jewelry, what more could you want? Afterwards we had a late afternoon Christmas meal that Mark came over for.
We left Monday morning and headed back for the homestead. Wilson and Mom came over that evening to open presents with us and have dinner.

NorCal Flat Stanley even got to meet SoCal Flat Stanley to share a little holiday cheer. I scored with lots of gluten free baking mixes and cookbooks while the Canadian got lots of beer, sweaters, and edible treats. For dinner I made Wilson run over to Left Coast Pizza and pick up one of their gluten free pizzas.
We had quite a wonderful Christmas weekend spending lots of time with family and that's what it's all about, right?!

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