Friday, December 16, 2011

Girls' Christmas Party

In all of her newly discovered time as a recent retiree, Kari planned a Christmas party for all the ladies at work both past and present. All we were asked to do was bring a present not over $10. It could be funny, white elephant, naughty, anything you wanted. Kari supplied the grub which turned out to be chips and dip and chimichangas with some margaritas and sangria to wash it all down. For entertainment we played bingo on old style wood boards.

First to get bingo got to pick a gift from under the Christmas tree and open it in front of everyone since the next person to win could steal the gift or pick a new one.
When I finally won I choose a gift wrapped in what looked like a Chinese takeout box and found this little cutie inside.

A ceramic kitchen pig with a scrubber in his mouth. Cute and useful! As exciting as winning was, it was nothing compared to the anticipation of somebody choosing my gift from under the tree. I didn't have to wait long until somebody was tempted by my cute gift bag and was greeted to....
Edible pasties!! Hahahaha!! And just my luck that the exact person I wanted to win it, did. She was laughing hysterically while turning bright red in embarrassment. Then of course it had to get passed around for everybody to get a good laugh out of. The best part was that somebody else got the blame for buying them. Nobody suspected sweet, innocent me. :) 

To wind up the evening Kari treated us to homemade margarita ice cream (made without an ice cream maker!) and brownies. I had a blast and brought home lots of loot (I also won the last game and more prizes) to commemorate my crushing victories!

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