Sunday, January 22, 2012

Doesn't get much easier than this

What better day than a cold, rainy Sunday to fire up the crock pot for a low and slow meal of Mexican pulled pork. With nothing more than a  pork tenderloin (mine was a Safeway pre-marinated mesquite bbq one), some tomato sauce and seasonings...
you end up with this about 8 hours later...
The intention was to make tacos with it.
But the Canadian despises corn tortillas and their 99% breakage rate so he chose to serve his pork over toasted bread kind of like Chicken a la King. Whatever makes his little heart happy.

We just finished watching the last movie on our latest Netflix 4-week free trial last night. "The Fighter" with Marky Mark and Christian Bale. Since it was based on a true story and about sports it violated two of my movie trifecta rules (I don't willingly watch movies about sports, true stories, and in or about Africa) so I paid very little attention to it, but the Canadian enjoyed it. I much preferred Bridesmaids. That's as close to real life as I want to watch!

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