Monday, January 2, 2012

Dusting off the craft room

Apparently the last page I scrapbooked was the trip to the monk's winery in Vina that we took my mom on in November 2010. Oye! My two weeks off from work ended up getting spent on random this and that's and I never sat down and did any crafting as previously planned...until yesterday. I found an envelope with a couple of pictures I'd printed in anticipation of scrapbooking the last few pages of 2010 so I dug through my supplies and put together a page about my friend Alicia's 40th birthday in December 2010.
Chris took advantage of another day of unseasonably warm January weather (63 yesterday, 59 today) and spent some time outside today at the bbq wood smoking grains for a new beer he's brewing this afternoon.
Thankfully my cookie sheet made it through the process unharmed. It looked a little iffy there for a while. Now he's commandeered the kitchen for his diabolical brewing purposes so be prepared for a beer update from him.

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