Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guess what I made...

Gluten free French bread! I used a recipe from the company that I special order my gluten free flour from that looked easy enough for even a yeasted bread novice such as myself. But first I needed to find a French bread pan so I headed straight for The Galley this morning and picked up a 3-loaf baguette pan.
The recipe was pretty easy - line, grease, and sprinkle cornmeal on the pan.
Mix the flour and salt in the KitchenAid while proofing the yeast in some hot water with sugar. After 5 minutes add the liquids to the flour and beat the heck out of it.

Then the wet dough is scooped into a Ziploc bag and squeezed out into the baguette pan.

After letting it rise for 20 minutes I slashed the tops and baked them for about 40 minutes in a 410 degree oven.
I know they look a little rough on the outside, but on the inside they look exactly like French bread. And taste like it! The outside is crunchy and the inside soft and chewy. Even the Canadian was a fan.
So good and so easy! I left one loaf out for our snacking enjoyment and sliced and froze the second loaf for later. And by later I mean by tomorrow afternoon at the rate we're gobbling it down!


Anni said...

I never even knew there was such a thing as a baguette pan, but now I inexplicably need one...

Susana & Chris said...

Ignorance is bliss. And cheaper.