Friday, January 20, 2012

Party like it's your birthday

Tonight was a get together up in P-town for a retired co-worker's 65th birthday. We all got together at the lounge of a local steakhouse for a light dinner and cake. It was hell getting there though through the torrential rain and windstorm. I think I would have made better time in a Sea-Doo.

It was a wonderful party full of great people. Since I just got over two days of a horrible tummy I didn't eat anything, but enjoyed a couple sips of champagne. Our party favors were large print word find puzzle books! By 7:30 pm we had to start packing it up since there was a karaoke contest starting at 8:00 pm. The karaoke crowd, and their 1980s fashions, frighten me so I took that as my cue to float myself back down the hill.

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