Sunday, January 8, 2012

Salvation Army

Tonight was my turn to serve dinner at the Salvation Army. I serve with some other people from church who actually do all the cooking. However, tonight, a new Hispanic gal I'd never met before made pots and pots of Posole (Mexican stew with pork and hominy) for us to serve. Each of the bowls were topped with shredded cabbage, minced onions, and a wedge a lemon. On the side we served chips and homemade salsa.

Although I never eat dinner there with the rest of the workers, for the first time in over a year I did ask to bring some leftovers home. How could I pass up pork stew for the boy?
I saved them for Chris' lunches since I already had dinner plans at home. Tonight I made buffalo chicken muffins. Layers of won ton wrappers, shredded rotisserie chicken mixed with blue cheese and Frank's hot sauce, diced celery, and shredded cheese. An absolute hit!
I made them in my spanking new muffin tin which I greased up like nobody's business with cooking spray. By God, nothing's going to stick to that thing! 

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Anni said...

Um, what?! Ship some of that posole my way! Canadians don't deserve good Mexican food.