Friday, December 31, 2010

Beer brunch

Chris and I went out to lunch one more time with baby sis, Wilson, before she leaves tomorrow for SoCal. Since she hadn't been yet, we took her to Sierra Nevada Brewery for lunch so she could try the beer sampler (shared with the rest of us, of course).
Chris muddled her tiny brain with mad amounts of beer trivia in an attempt to educate her on what she was sampling. After downing half of the samples, our meals finally came. I ordered one of the specials - gumbo, while Chris got his usual sausage platter.
It was the best gumbo I've ever had - not that I have it everyday, but I've had it before. This was a much thicker spicy tomato sauce than I've ever seen for a gumbo and it was packed full of sausage, chicken and topped with prawns all poured over rice.
When we got there it was empty and we were seated immediately, but by the time we left they were telling people an hour and a half wait! Had I known, I wouldn't haven't been milking my ice tea for so long while starving patrons wandered the lobby. My bad.

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