Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dinner out

I decided to treat the Canadian to dinner tonight at place down the street that I thought he'd really enjoy, Basque Norte. It's family style Basque cuisine that has unique meats like quail and lamb that you won't find at most of the other restaurants in town. The way the menu works is that you pick your meat/seafood choice (or the one pasta entree) and they serve it along with nine different standard sides. First up was pickled veggies, tomato garlic soup and french bread with butter.
I'm not usually a tomato soup fan, but this was really tasty. They gave us a small soup tureen that we ladled out of into our bowls. Next was some green salad with vinaigrette, Basque style beans, and spaghettini.
By this point we'd ingested more garlic in a few side dishes than the whole rest of the year. The spaghettini was literally just coated in butter and garlic. If you tried hard enough you could probably smell us from your house. The main entrees, and more sides, were delivered next. Chris got ribs while I chose the spinach ricotta raviolis. To accompany them we were also served the creamiest, softest red potatoes and some green beans.
And, as if all that wasn't enough, all the meals are ended with a serving of ice cream. Tonight's flavor was pralines and cream.
Everything was excellent and we have lots of leftovers for lunch tomorrow. And hopefully all of our garlic stink will have worn off by morning.


Lisa Dovichi said...

I think I still smell the garlic! :P

Susana & Chris said...

I had no idea, I haven't been there in 15 years.