Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas sparkle

My co-worker, Kari, brought me yet another Christmas gift today - a beautifully beaded cream cardigan.
I shall be so fancifully festive now. Meow!

Today at work we spent some time making plans for a retirement party next week for one of our code enforcement officers. My idea was to order a custom cake for him that has a personalized photo on it. I called Raley's in Chico and found that they could do that so I had the other code enforcement officer email me a suitable photo (one without people in it because heaven forbid the person we're making fun of is the one baking the cake!) from one of their enforcement cases so I could take it in and get the cake ordered this week. This one made the final cut;

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kath said...

Can't wait to see your Christmas Bling sweater!